Tie Dye Clothing

Tie and dye is an ancient form of printing clothes rooting from Indonesia, India, and Japan. Japanese tie dye is one of thetechniques of shibori, which has been used to create many types of beautiful patterns on clothing for centuries. In other words, one can say that tie dyeing is a unique way of adding colors to your outfit and make it lively.

The process of tie dyeing usually includes binding a piece of cloth with rubber bands or strings and then pleating, twisting, folding of garment or fabric. In contrast to the typical resist dyeing, we use modern tie dyeing bold patterns that aresaturated with attractive colors. The patterns of color we get on clothes primarily depend on the pattern of folding. In the early days, the dyes were extracted from flowers, leaves, berries, and roots. These include lichen, blackberries, sage, cabbage, indigo, marigold, red cabbage and safflower. At present, in addition to the natural dyes, synthetic dyes are also available that are easy to use, permanent, quick working and safe.

Tie and dye clothes are in high fashion. These clothes arespecially looked at by people with summery vibes and are considered ideal for summer and spring. Nowadays, everyone is obsessed with the tie and dye style whether it is a T-shirt, sweatshirt or sleepwear, everything is in trend.

Bleachy Clothing deals with all varieties of tie dye clothing for men, women and children. Our tie dye T-shirts are worth buyingas we keep you up to date with modern trends. Our designers put all their efforts to create a piece of art for you to wear. We as a brand try our best to portray the beauty and elegance in ourdesigns. Tie dyeing is a unique technique that prevents the mixing of greens to the yellows to avoid the formation of boring browns that you cannot wear. Our clothes are unique in the way that they contain a burst of colors in a variety of patterns like the peace sign, mandala, diamond, marble, and spiral effects. We have a bright and gorgeous range of tie and dye printed clothesfor your whole family.

Bleachy Clothing is here to give you the best quality clothes with handmade tie and dye prints. We have a range of different varieties of patterns and colors in our clothing catalog to give you a comfortable and lively feeling. We experiment with the colors and patterns and come up with funky and trendy choices for you.

If you are looking for comfortable casual wear for you and your family, then Bleachy Clothing is the best option for you. We offer you our best-designed clothes that are handmade and havepassed our strict quality checking. Try our best quality outfits and discover the new you. For us, customers compliance and satisfaction are the priority. Therefore, we try our best to attain maximum customer satisfaction. Currently, Bleachy Clothing isoffering a 100 percent money-back guarantee for the customers with next-day shipping for each item in the online store. So, what are you waiting for? Do grab your opportunity, visit us and shop online.

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